Bob Meyer

CEO & President

Mr. Meyer created Beacon Sales and Marketing in 2009 to support the sales and marketing efforts of small and medium business (SMB) organizations in Southern California.  Mr. Meyer’s extensive sales and marketing experience combined with his knowledge of cutting edge internet marketing tools is the driving force behind Beacon’s growing recognition as an invaluable partner for businesses looking to expand and grow their revenues through marketing and sales efforts in a very efficient and cost effective manner.

Angela Meyer


With her 25 year’ s career as a key member of Financial and Operations Management Teams and business executive in small and mid-size US and International companies, Mrs. Meyer brings her unique set of analytical skills to the Beacon organization and its clients. Her extensive operational, financial and managerial experience allows her to understand a business organization in its entirety and identify a company’s needs and areas of improvement.  Set up new businesses, reorganize departments, streamline processes, create standard operating procedures for new and existing companies, are just some of Ms. Meyer’s areas of expertise which Beacon’s clients can benefit from.  

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