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Top 25 Product Searches

Top 25 Product Searches

Beacon brings to you current relevant information that you can use to make better marketing decisions.  From our marketing research partner SAGE ....

The Top 25 Most Popular Products in SAGE Total Access: July 2022


Looking at the top increases from June to July, we see that people are gearing up for the holidays with a 77% increase in ornaments. We also see that binoculars have increased 58% – sightseeing plans are underway, it appears!

Moving to the top decreases, products like sunblock and tanktops decreased by 41% and 34%, respectively – marking the end of the summer shopping season.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 25 most popular products this past month! We can see that can coolers are still dominating the top of the list, along with lanyards, both top trade show giveaways just in time for the fall show season.

SAGE# 68218
Best Promotions USA LLC
Item# 1000B
BEST Coolie
SAGE# 54214
Ventura Promotional Products Inc.
Item# SL-1020
Beverage Insulator Cooler Pocket Can Koolie
SAGE# 69609
Item# LPY34
3/4″ Polyester Custom Printed Lanyard
SAGE# 60462
Ariel Premium Supply Inc.
Item# DBT-AT19
Atrium 25 oz. Aluminum Bottle
SAGE# 57550
Koozie Group
Item# 45081
Koozie® Collapsible Can Kooler
SAGE# 66640
Item# KK
Kolder Kaddy Neoprene
SAGE# 50018
Evans Manufacturing
Item# 8000
Non-Woven Grocery Tote Bag
SAGE# 57190
Item# LNS
Ellipse Soft with Stylus
SAGE# 64740
High Caliber Line
Item# H710
Very Kool Cooling Towel
SAGE# 60462
Ariel Premium Supply Inc.
Item# LSB-SB03
Stress Ball
SAGE# 50042
Item# 8000
Gildan® Men’s DryBlend® 50 Cotton/50 Poly T-Shirt
SAGE# 68786
Rivers Promo Inc.
Item# 123915
14″ X 18″ Polyester Drawstring Backpack
SAGE# 67747
PopSockets® PopGrip
SAGE# 56780
Hit Promotional Products
Item# 6223
Malibu Sunglasses
SAGE# 67066
Leprechaun Promotions LLC
Item# FZCC
FoamZone Collapsible Can Cooler
SAGE# 56780
Hit Promotional Products
Item# 3031
Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag
SAGE# 57550
Koozie Group
Item# CS
Clic Stic® Pen
SAGE# 56780
Hit Promotional Products
Item# 3071
Small Hit Sports Pack
SAGE# 57550
Koozie Group
Item# 45448
Koozie® britePix® Can Kooler
SAGE# 50018
Evans Manufacturing
Item# 4750
20 oz. Everest Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler
SAGE# 67383
Showdown Displays
Item# 109002
6′ Standard Table Throw
SAGE# 50042
Item# PC54
Port & Company® Men’s Core Cotton T-Shirt
SAGE# 50042
Item# NKDC1963
Nike Dri-FIT Micro Pique 2.0 Polo Shirt
SAGE# 50033
Hub Item# 324
Corporate Pen
SAGE# 50042
Item# 2000
Gildan® Men’s Ultra Cotton® 100% Cotton T-Shirt

And that wraps it up! Are there any that surprised you? What do you think we’ll see next month? Let us know! To see how products ranked in previous months, click here!

How to Choose the Best Polo Shirt

What makes a polo different from a t-shirt?  

The signatures of the polo shirt are the collar and buttoned placket, aka the slit that comes down from the collar. 

The polo has a rich history of slight adjustments over time, from the long-sleeved garments worn by English polo players in the 19th century to tennis player Rene Lacoste’s lightweight version (which was slightly scandalous at the time, due to its short sleeves) to Ralph Lauren’s perfection of the Pique knit and addition of the polo name.

Now, with more options on the market than ever before, polos have become a staple for everything from uniforms to business casual apparel. 


Polo knits

One of the additional differences between t-shirts and polos is the construction of the fabric. While most t-shirts are woven, polos, at least traditionally, are knit. The looped fibers in knit fabrics, when compared to the gridded and interlaced pattern of fibers in woven fabrics, give polos more stretch than everyday t-shirts. 

There’s more than just one way to weave a polo though. Here’s a look at the common terms:


Pique - Pique is the classic polo knit, identified by its “waffle” or “honeycomb” texture. Beyond being an attractive and traditional texture, pique polos tend to show sweat less - and despite their heavyweight, the small holes created by the pique knit keep these polos breathable. 
They wash and wear well over time, but are also the most prone to wrinkling. A little tip: The bigger the pique knit, the more breathable the polo will be. 

Double Pique - Double pique polos are “doubled” in that multiple threads are bundled together while they are knit. This can be done for a variety of reasons -- cutting costs by combining a more expensive material with a less expensive one, strengthening the fabric by doubling up on threads, and creating a subtle mottled effect by knitting two colored threads together.
Jersey - You might recognize Jersey knit from your favorite t-shirt or sheets. Jersey knit fabrics are lightweight, visibly smooth and soft to the touch -- making them feel more comfortable to some wearers. 
While jersey polos are often considered to be the more casual choice, they are also better for professions with a lot of physical activity involved, and warmer climates, because they are lighter weight, wrinkle less and stretch more. 


Polo blends

Polos also come in an array of materials and blends, ranging from silk and wool to polyester and rayon. Below are the polo compositions most readily available for embroidery and branding.  

Cotton polos are often the most expensive. However, all cotton is not created equal. For a softer, higher quality cotton polo look for words like ringspun or Pima.  

Benefits: Moisture-wicking, breathable, classic looking. 

Disadvantages: May experience some color-fading, shrinking or stretching over time. Low-quality cotton will pill over time. More likely to wrinkle.

Best for: 100% cotton polos are widely considered to be the most formal polo, and they tend to look more expensive than other blends. This, combined with its traditional look, makes the cotton polo a classic choice for business casual apparel. 


Blended fabrics can be the best of both worlds: they combine the softness and breathability of cotton with the ease of care of polyester. 

Benefits: They are inexpensive, a compromise between the comfort of cotton and the durability of polyester. There are many good options available and they are often less expensive than 100% cotton garments. 

Disadvantages: They can look less professional than cotton garments. 

Best for: Corporate apparel, School uniforms

Performance polos get a different category than traditional 100% Poly polos because they are made with the principles of athletic wear in mind. They are often blended with polyester and other light fabrics like spandex and may contain UV and silver for sweat-wicking. 

Benefits: They are lightweight, often designed to be sweat-wicking and stain-resistant and are more comfortable for those who are very active at work.  

Disadvantages: They are less formal than other polos. The lightweight, drape and stretch many feel uncomfortable for some. 

Best for: Professions that are physically active or outdoors. 


100% Poly polos are the most cost-effective, and durable choice for polos. 

Benefits: They will not shrink, wrinkle or crease. Colors will not fade over time. They are more stain-resistant than cotton or blended garments. 

Disadvantages: They can be uncomfortable to wear, are not very breathable and can hold onto odors more than cotton or blended fabrics.  

Best for: Any industry with heavy wash and wear uniforms like kitchens, factories, deliveries


Ribbed  Vs. Shirt Style Collars: a quick note on collar curling

If you want a collar that will wear well throughout the day, go for a shirt-style collar with interlining. Shirt style collars, or flat collar, will not curl up with wear the way that ribbed collars will. 

So what's the best polo for you? 

Note the features that you like here:





Beacon and G&G Holdings Team Up for SaaS Marketing Effort

Mission Viejo, CA—Beacon Sales and Marketing is excited to announce that it has teamed up with G&G Holdings to market the Pro Cloud SaaS line of cloud-based products and services. 

With SaaS (Software as a Service), instead of having to install and maintain software—and the hardware to run it—users simply pay a monthly or annual fee to access the software over the internet. This gives users predictable costs, ensures they are always using the most secure and current version of the software, and makes everything from pre-sale support and delivery to training and ongoing technical support are all more efficient and cost effective. It’s no wonder SaaS is fast becoming the preferred method for delivering high tech software solutions.

The initial focus of Beacon and G&G’s marketing efforts will be on Pro Cloud SaaS’ AVA cloud-based video management system. “The AVA product offering,” says Shane Hannan, Pro Cloud’s Founder and President, “is the most exciting new product to come to the on-site property management industry in a long time.”

“Pro Cloud SaaS has an excellent reputation as a trusted partner for cloud migration and cybersecurity,” says Bob Meyer, President, Beacon Sales and Marketing, “and the firm has an extensive range of products and services. These well-regarded offerings, combined with the experience and connections that Steve Galvanoni of G&G Holdings brings to our team, will support a fast launch to this marketing effort.”

About AVA

AVA is the only cloud-based platform that enables organizations that use video surveillance at their properties to keep their existing cameras while simultaneously moving their video storage to the Cloud and adding new intelligence capabilities. This eliminates the need for on prem infrastructure, and replaces post analysis and lengthy, time-consuming forensics with machine learning and proactive monitoring.

Users get real-time alerts, appearance searches for individuals, monitoring of vehicle accidents and loitering, heat mapping for Covid cleaning, the ability to count people in an area, and more.

About Beacon Sales and Marketing

Beacon's mission is to provide innovative consulting services and advice that save time and improve the way our customers and clients do business. Beacon’s leading edge internet marketing tools support their efforts in growing their clients’ sales.

Contact Beacon Sales and Marketing or Bob Meyer with any questions that you may have:  RMeyer@beacon-sm.com

Beacon and G&G Holdings Team Up for SaaS Marketing Effort

Bob Meyer to present at Mission Viejo Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn

I have been asked to give a presentation on Prospecting and the Sales Funnel that focusses on the small and medium size business.  I will be sharing ideas and examples on how small and medium size businesses can set up a duplicatable and on-going prospecting tool that continues to spit out leads.

Everyone is invited to this free even, but you have to register.

Register Here
Beacon Sales and Marketing Remains Open

Beacon Sales and Marketing Remains Open

Coronavirus Update.

Beacon Sales and Marketing is currently open for business and believes we will continue to be open through the current virus epidemic.  

We are all working from home, but continue to support our customers promotional products needs.  We are helping our many customers find products that fit their marketing needs AND are available.  Some suppliers have had to suspend manufacturing or are out of stock.  This situation will most likely get worse before it gets better, but Beacon has the resources and tools to find available products and we are taking back orders for items that are currently out of stock but will become available in the near future.

We all have a lot of questions, but you can contact us, preferable by email, and we will get you answers.

Best wishes for lasting health,

Beacon Sales and Marketing

Update on: The Coronavirus And Its Potential Impact on the Promotional Products Industry

Update on: The Coronavirus And Its Potential Impact on the Promotional Products Industry

Top Experts Discuss The Coronavirus And Its Potential Impact During Recent PPAI Webinar

The coronavirus is shaping up to have a significant impact on businesses around the world and the global economy. Since it was first reported in early January, the virus has sickened more than 40,000 people in 25 countries and killed over 1,000, but the outbreak’s impact is also being sharply felt along global supply chains that run through China.

The virus was first detected during one of the highest travel seasons in the country. China’s Lunar New Year, a holiday celebrated throughout the country and during which many people travel home to visit family and friends in cities and towns far from where they work, began on January 25 and was extended by the country’s central government to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Initially set to end January 30, it was extended to February 3, however 24 of China’s 31 provinces urged businesses not reopen until February 10.

The extended holiday saw factories and their operations shuttered—carmakers in China, for example, are cutting production by 15 percent in the quarter—shoppers are staying home and numerous international airlines are curtailing, if not cancelling, flights to the country. American Airlines is not expected to resume flights to China and Hong Kong until April at the earliest, says a report in USA Today. And with China’s factories shut down, global supply chains are finding parts in short supply, cutting production beyond China’s borders. Hyundai in South Korea has already temporarily closed plants, and Fiat Chrysler is working to prevent similar disruptions at its European factories.

On Friday, PPAI hosted a webinar, “The Coronavirus: A Conversation With Leading Global Experts,” to help industry professionals learn more about the outbreak and its effects. Facilitated by Jonathan Isaacson, CEO of supplier Gemline, the webinar featured the expertise of top specialists: Dr. Joseph Eisenberg, chair of epidemiology, University of Michigan; Dr. Mary Gallagher, director, Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan; and Peter Martin, vice chairman, FocusPoint International Crisis Management.

Eisenberg began by explaining that coronaviruses are, in general, fairly common. They cause the common cold, for instance. What makes the current outbreak so different is that it was transmitted from animals to humans. Eisenberg said, “It’s spreading the way it’s spreading because it’s novel. It’s a new virus and people don’t have prior immunity. Even with influenza, which emerges as a different strain each year, people have some level of immunity.”

With so many products coming into the U.S. from China, one major concern voiced during the webinar is the potential risk of the coronavirus being transmitted on products and packaging being imported from China. Eisenberg explained that flu viruses can survive on surfaces for a couple of hours. Products coming into the U.S. by air are generally in transit for three days. Those traveling by sea may be in transit for 14 days or more. Eisenberg said, “Survival time on a porous surface, like sheets, is going to be different than a surface like steel. It’s a pretty wide range. For the coronavirus, we’re probably talking hours, but we don’t know for sure. It’s probably safe to say it’s closer to influenza. Without knowing the specifics of the virus, it is unlikely that the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for products’ shipping durations. A standard surface cleaning would make it even less likely. Three to 14 days is a pretty long period of time for a respiratory virus to actually survive.”

In the webinar, Isaacson asked Eisenberg if we’re seeing the right response to the coronavirus from a public health perspective. Eisenberg said, “In respect to risk in the U.S., yes, the risk is incredibly low—especially when you compare it to the flu, which kills of tens of thousands of people every year in the U.S. Thinking of that relative risk, there should be little concern about the risk of getting coronavirus in the U.S.”

The outbreak and responses by the Chinese government and governments around the world raise questions for businesses operating in China. The Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, one of the largest events in the world for the global promotional products industry, is still on schedule to run April 27-30. Asked about the impact of the virus on gatherings such as this, Gallagher said, “The Chinese government is debating postponing two annual meetings that occur in March, meetings of the legislature and a consultative conference. There’s a lot of political sensitivity around them. It would indicate the unprecedented level of the crisis. I’d leave a lot of room for flexibility.”

On the webinar, Martin talked about the crisis management aspect of the virus on business. “There’s a lot of uncertainty around getting supplies in and product out, and what the reaction of countries doing the importing in and out are going to do,” he said. “Regarding shipping to and from China, there are issues with traffic volume and employee comfort level. Fedex, for example, is allowing pilots to volunteer as to whether or not they fly into China.”

Martin added, “At this point, there’s a lot of pivoting and indecision. If there was a decision right now, I wouldn’t trust it being honored more than for a few days’ time. The financial impact on China and the businesses relying on it will be significant, and we don’t really understand what that’s going to look like yet. There remains a lot of uncertainty about how this will play out in the next couple of weeks and it is too early to tell.”


This article was taken from PPAI web site.



Beacon Sales and Marketing has been selected for the 2019 Best of Mission Viejo Awards in the category of Promotional Products Supplier.

MISSION VIEJO October 15, 2019 -- Beacon Sales and Marketing has been selected for the 2019 Best of Mission Viejo Award in the Promotional Products Supplier category by the Mission Viejo Award Program.

Each year, the Mission Viejo Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Mission Viejo area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2019 Mission Viejo Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Mission Viejo Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Mission Viejo Award Program

The Mission Viejo Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Mission Viejo area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Mission Viejo Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community's contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Mission Viejo Award Program

Mission Viejo Award Program
Email: PublicRelations@management-honor-2019.net
URL: http://www.management-honor-2019.net

Beacon Sales and Marketing has been selected for the 2019 Best of Mission Viejo Awards in the category of Promotional Products Supplier.

Beacon Sales and Marketing Announces New Features On Beacon's Web Store


Beacon Sales and Marketing has just completed a major upgrade to their Promotional Products Web Store.  There are many small enhancements but the 2 major search improvements are:

  • Customer Chat Now button (lower right)
  • Search Options.  Quick Search and Advanced Search

Beacon's customers have told us that sometimes they enjoy "shopping" and looking at lots of products.  But sometimes they don't have the time and just want to find "it" quickly.

Bob Meyer, President of Beacon Sales and Marketing explains, "Our new search tools provide a quick search tool at the top of each page that allows our customers to enter a short product description and the low to high price."  "Or, for those that know exactly what they are looking for, there is the Advanced Search tool, this tool allows the shopper to enter in many variables, such as price range and color, then the search tool will find and present the products that meet the customer's criteria."

Then, there is the old fashion way to find your perfect product, give us a call or send us an email.  We are always available to reply with a free presentation of products that fit your specific needs.

Bob Meyer

President, Beacon Sales and Marketing




Beacon Sales and Marketing Announces New Features On Beacon's Web Store

Beacon Updates Their Corperate WebSite

Beacon Sales and Marketing is happy to announce our new updated web site.  Please visit the new web site at www.Beacon-sm.com


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