eMarketing, or electronic marketing, refers to the use of marketing principles and techniques via electronic media.  eMarketing is the process of marketing products and services using the Internet and other digital media.  It uses both direct response marketing and indirect marketing to help connect businesses to their customers and target audience.



CRM (Customer Relation Management) - We create and maintain a data base of all your contacts that can be used in your future marketing campaigns.  Once organized, this software can create list of contacts that your marketing campaigns will focus on.  The system produces meaningful reports so that you are up to date on all your prospecting activities.



eBlast - an eBlast is a single focused message sent out via email to a targeted audience.  This technique is used when you have a simple - single message to send. 

For example, Open House! or 25% Off Tomorrow Only!


eNewsletter - The daily, weekly, or monthly eNewsletter is used to achieve multiple results.  The newsletter is a great branding tool.  It keeps you in front of your customers, constantly keeping them informed about your products and services, conveying that you are a leader in your market and community.  It also gives you the opportunity to find out more about your customers by using our tools to track what they are most interested in. 

Beacon's tool set can detect who is reading what, which articles are the most popular, etc.  This is valuable information when you are trying to win more business from your customers.



  Lead Generation - Call To Action - This tool is generally used in conjunction with other Beacon tools, or our clients existing web site and social media. This tool will gather information that separates the prospect from a suspects. It will even tell you what your prospects are interested in (their need-want-or desire). Once we know what the prospect wants and when he wants it, it is considered a QUALIFIED LEAD, which we then give to our client to close.


Analyze - Beacon analyst will use our unique tool set to observe which articles receive the most attention from your readers.  A detail report is created and sent you 3 – 5 days after your newsletter is delivered. 

The "reader activity report" is valuable marketing information that you can use to better understand what your customers like and don't like.  You can use this information to fine-tune your marketing message and increase sales.



Custom Consulting: Beacon consultants are available on a “by project” or hourly fee. We offer a complementary 1 hour “get acquainted” meeting. We can review your marketing plan at that time. Don’t have a written marketing plan?!



Back Office Solutions: Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll Processing support, Standard Operating Procedures. Beacon consultants will customize affordable solutions to improve processes and introduce cost effective measures that impact strategic business decisions to get your business organized to maximize efficiency and preserve or increase profit.



Promotional Products: Call-To-Action with a reward can be an effective marketing technique to generate qualified leads. Beacon uses white papers, brochures, promotional products and many other types of “rewards” to effectively produce leads and prospects for our clients. Beacon Sales and Marketing added our Promotional Product division in 2015 to support these efforts.

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