10 Marketing Strategies for Your Promotional Products

  • Jan 27, 2020

How you use promotional items is completely up to you. However, there are at least ten ways that are most frequently used in businesses who leverage promotional items.

1.       Business Gifts - Gift giving can be a year-around option and not just for the holidays.

2.       Service Awards – Whether this is for employees or a vendor you do business with, recognizing their achievements goes along way in building your reputation and following.

3.       Employee Recognition – Build an engaged workforce by recognizing outstanding employee efforts.

4.       Dealer Programs – What programs do you offer? Think about ways to include promotional items.

5.       Public Relations – Enhance your newsworthy ideas with promotional products to raise your company’s awareness.

6.       Not for Profit – Any fundraising efforts require public awareness and promotional products certainly help with that.

7.       Lead Generation – A lasting promotional item can be a great way to generate leads by keeping your company’s brand and logo top of mind for months and sometimes even years into the future.

8.       Trade Shows – Who doesn’t love the gadgets you get at tradeshows? Do you have yours planned yet?

9.       Brand Awareness – Sharing helpful items with those you come in contact with is a great way to build your company’s awareness in your audience’s mind.

10.   Advertising – Consider a specialty item that can help advertise your product.

Which of these marketing ideas are you implementing?   Need more ideas on types of promotional items for your marketing plans?  Pop on over to https://www.beaconpromotionalproducts.com/ and see what the Top Products are.

It’s free to get a quote. Ask questions. We love being helpful.

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