3 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Market During the Corona Virus Outbreak

  • Mar 27, 2020

As more stay-at-home mandates occur, many restaurant owners find they need to shift from Dine-in to Take-Out and Delivery Service only. 

So, naturally you’re probably thinking about how to stay top of mind with your customers. 

What are some ways you can continue to marketing during this time?

Refrigerator Magnets

Make your customers call you first when they need a meal with branded refrigerator magnets. You can give these out with every order of take-out to ensure your restaurant is the one they call.  

There are literally thousands of different types of magnets to choose from. Here is one that offers custom shapes.

Branded Reusable Take-Out Bags

Instead of using the throw away plastic bags for your take-out orders, why not put them in reusable bags.  

A folding reusable grocery tote bag would be a handy item for your customers. They can store them neatly in a drawer, cupboard, or in their car.

You could even offer a slight discount for customers who bring the bag in for the next order.

Gift Cards

Many people will want to help out local businesses during this time, even if they can’t benefit from dine-in right now. That means people would like to buy gift cards now they can redeem later.

Doing so helps local businesses stay afloat during this crisis. And it gives the customers something to look forward to when life returns to normal later.

You can find an inexpensive option here.


There’s three ways to keep marketing your business during this time.

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