7 Great Product Ideas for Spring

  • Feb 28, 2020

Looking for some unique promotional items aligned with the current season? Well, look no further. Here’s seven ideas for you.


You know the saying Spring showers brings May flowers. Help your prospects and customers be prepared for the rainy season with branded umbrellas.



Spring Cleaning Items

Time to dust that ceiling fan or tall window? Extendable Duster helps you clean those hard to reach areas.




It’s time to get outside

Spring is also the season for outdoor activities. Portable chairs are great for kids soccer games. Lightweight, easy to collapse and carry. Sporting two drink holders this folding chair provides just the right amount of comfort while you watch the game.



Never run out of snacks with this convenient picnic bag. It’s insulated to keep your food items chilled. Handy flip up sides for easy access. Sturdy handles makes carrying this picnic bag easy.


Being outside feels great. But don’t forget sun protection. Introducing the sun box with sunscreen, first aid, band aids, and moist towelettes.




Bring Nature into Your Office and watch your productivity grow

Love flowers and music. This unique flowerpot speaker puts both your favorite things in one convenient package. Perfect for cheering up your desk or office space. Catch your favorite tunes and brighten your day with beautiful flowers offering a fragrance aroma to keep you stress free.



Now you can bring nature inside and watch your stress decrease. This Outdoor Box features a seed-filled dirt clog that you can plant within the flower pot. Add a little water, give it some sunlight and watch the flowers bloom. Watch your face brighten with a smile as you look at the beautiful blooms grow right before you.


Ready to find your next promotional item?