8 Ways to Stay Top of Mind with Your Customers

  • Apr 28, 2020

As we navigate the stay-at-home mandate to help flatten the curve of the corornavirus infections, business owners need a way to stay in touch with their customers.

Technology makes it easy.  Simply grab your phone and call your customers to see how they are doing without trying to sell anything. Or send them an email letting them know you’re thinking of them is also a good way to stay connected.

But what if there was another way?

Why not climb into your time machine and send them a thoughtful letter?  You know, by United States Postal Service.

While you’re at it, throw in a small, inexpensive care item and delight them.  

To help you get started, I’ve gathered 8 types of promotional items that fit easily in a standard size envelope.

1.      Letter Opener item # LVPQP-GWJSY

2.      Microfiber cloth item # URTQP-LPNNC

3.     Magnet business card item # OAVHR-CKBPS


4.    Mini-tissue packet item # NATKQ-NDZJP

5.  Credit Card bottle opener item # XZUMR-KUAOC


6.   Plastic card shaped mint box item # ETTHT-NDUZM

7. Flexible key ring item # YATIS-CZKSH

8.  Screen Buddy webcam cover item # IWXQL-MSVYA

Each item has the space available for your branded logo, name, phone number and/or website. 

Your customers will be honored that you keep the time to write them a letter. And whenever they use the item you included, they will think of you.

That’s a great way to stay top of mind with your customers.


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