Branded Covid-19 kits are a great way to help your customers stay safe!

  • May 6, 2020

Who couldn’t use a face mask or gloves right now?

A logoed set can be a creative way to bless your customer and it doesn’t have to bust your budget!

Let’s look at some examples.

·        Consider a branded tote bag, filled with two, three, or four branded useful items your customer will love.

·        How about a branded mailer box, with selected branded gadgets that highlights your brand?

·        Specialty writing instruments gift set, both the box it comes in and the writing instruments themselves are branded.

Any of these suggestions would make a great and unexpected gift for your customers.

To prepare for a gift campaign, here’s four things to plan for:

1.      Identify your budget.

Decide on a reasonable amount to put towards this gift campaign. This depends on what your ultimate goal is for the kits, who your intended audience is, and how you’re planning to use them.  Also remember to include cost for assembling, packaging, and shipping (if you choose that route!)

2.      Choose the products.

This is the creative and fun part. There are thousands upon thousands of products you can choose from. You can identify several smaller products or select a few higher-end ones. The choice is yours.  Create a “theme” for your package and make all the items fit within that theme.  For example – covid-19 related - themed kit could include face mask, rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.

3.      Decide on presentation.

The packaging is as important as the contents. Consider wisely, what you’d like to put the gift items in so that the first impression of your customer is a good one. Some eye-catching ideas might include:

·        Custom-printed mailer box

·        Branded tote bag

·        Logoed paper bags with decorative tissue

·        Custom ribbon ties


4.      Don’t forget logistics

When creating a gift set, you must consider who and how the multiple items will come together. Will you handle this in-house? Or hire help to build the kits for you?  If you decide to handle this in-house be sure to factor in the time to package everything together. A nice touch would be hand delivering your gifts. You may decide to personally deliver the package, leave on their door step, and call your customer from the car letting them know you left them a surprise by their front door.


Branded sets are a great giveaway for showing clients, current and prospective, a sampling of all the services and products you can offer their organization. For more inspiring ideas for promoting your business, visit our website here.