Clean Hands Saves Lives

  • May 29, 2020

We live in a germ-filled world, no doubt about that!

Here’s three germ facts that might blow your mind…

§  On average, you come into contact with 300 surfaces every 30 minutes, exposing you to 840,000 germs.

§  Up to 80% of communicable diseases are transferred by touch.

§  Elevator buttons harbor 22% more bacteria than toilet seats.


If that doesn’t make you want to wash your hands, I don’t know what will.

Now, with COVID-19 thrown into the mix, we need to be even more cautious about washing our hands.

A simply Google search of the term “hand washing video” reveals 742,000,000 results!

It’s a fact.

Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds is effective at killing most germs.  However, sometimes soap and water aren’t available.

What do you do when you’re not near soap and water?

Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizing gel that has 60% alcohol or higher.

A study observed the effects of using alcohol gel hand sanitizer in the classroom and it reduces absenteeism due to infection by 19%. (From the study done by Hammond B, Ali Y, Fendler E, Dolan M, Donovan S. Effect of hand sanitizer use on elementary school absenteeism.External Am J Infect Control. 2000;28(5):340-6.)

If it’s effective in the classroom, it’s probably effective elsewhere too.

But there’s a catch. You have to use alcohol gel hand sanitizer properly to reap the benefits.

So how to do you use it correctly?

According to the CDC, when using hand sanitizer, apply the product to the palm of one hand (read the label to learn the correct amount) and rub the product all over the surfaces of your hands until your hands are dry.


Did you catch that last part? Keep rubbing until your hands are dry! If you wipe it off before it’s dry, it isn’t going to work.


Have you ordered your alcohol gel hand sanitizer yet? 


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