Custom Requests Are Not A Roadblock to Your Next Promotional Campaign

  • Feb 14, 2020

Ever need something custom?

One of our clients was looking for calendar.  That’s great there are many calendar suppliers. This should be fairly easy to complete.  

My client wasn’t as positive as I was at the prospects of finding what they needed. You see, they had tried other promotional companies and had not gotten any help.

My client was looking for a very specific type of calendar. Most of the traditional calendars would not work for them.

They wanted a custom, big block calendar, but it had to be a specific size, and a certain layout.

It takes a lot of time to research suppliers, call them and discuss the details of the requirements.  It also takes attention to detail. Just because a supplier says they can do something, doesn’t mean the end result will be what is needed.  It also takes perseverance to locate a supplier to handle this kind of request.

At Beacon Promotional Products, we partner with our customers and go beyond to help them find a supplier to meet their requirements.

And we did find just the right supplier. 

After the proof was sent to the customer, they were happy to see their custom idea made into a physical reality.  The supplier was able to produce exactly what the customer wanted and deliver it within the time required.  And it came in under budget. 

Not only did my client receive the product they wanted, they were pleasantly surprised at the affordability of the custom project.

If you ever need a custom request, come see us at Beacon Promotional Products. We love to find solutions to your requirements.

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