From Surviving to Thriving Amidst the Coronavirus Quarantine

  • Apr 20, 2020

We’ve seen unprecedented themes lately. Schools switched to distance learning on line and announcements of no return to physical school mandate will stay in affect through the end of the school year. Many companies shifted its workers to a work-from-home model. Sadly, where that wasn’t possible, many employees were either sent home without pay or permanently laid off.

It’s a strange and different time we live in now.

Yes, grocery stores, online stories, transportation & shipping are all enjoying the increased use of their services. However, there are others who are finding a way to thrive.  

Small businesses who focus on services like homeschooling, kids activities, marketing, social media, business building and a host of other topics are flourishing.

·        One company, Woo! Jr., sells kids activities books saw their product orders spike during this time. So, they added printable ebooks to fill the need even faster.

·        A makeup artist felt the pinch of the shutdown and innovated by creating a $27 “No Filter Needed” video course to help her audience learn how to look better on video. She hit 5-figures in just a few weeks.

·        A belly dancer had to close her studio but that didn’t stop her from serving her customers. She created virtual belly dancing classes and now teaches her customers online.

·        A mother of 10 kids put together an ebook teaching parents “how to get kids to do chores and like it”. She made 6-figures in only 30 days with only 1,000 names on her email list.

·        A restaurant owner shifted to take out only, but they included a roll of toilet paper with every order. Which made their customers more likely to order again and again.

·        A marketing company created a “How to get your business online” course that is serving those who have an idea and need to reach their audience online.

·        An entrepreneur hosted a 5-day website challenge, where she used her knowledge of graphic design to teach people how to create a website in only 5 days. Now, she’s built an audience and can keep providing other services to help that audience.

There is always an opportunity, even in these seemingly dark times.

At Beacon Sales & Marketing, we are here to help you.  Consider a Strategy Consultation call where you’ll be asked questions such as…

What are some ways you can think differently about your business and how you serve your customers right now? Are they any new problems your customers are facing that you could help solve?

Regardless of what type of business you have, you need to stay visible to your customers. If you’re not online, you need to be.

If you are on line, you should consider multiple ways of stay in front of your audience. If you don’t have an email list yet, now is the time to start building one.

As you get people on your list, you can communicate directly with them via email marketing campaigns.  You might consider a direct mail approach as well. Send a letter with a branded helpful item included.

Here at Beacon Sales & Marketing we offer multiple services to support you during this time:

·        Email Marketing

·        Customer Relationship Management

·        Analysis Services

·        Promotional Products

Contact us at 949-274-9965 for a complimentary session to determine how we might serve you best.

We’re here for you.