Need Fast Turnaround?

  • Mar 6, 2020

A colleague of mine, needed 25,000 silicone wristbands imprinted with #TNSTRONG delivered with 8 days. Her current supplier had a 30 day lead time. The problem was the benefit concert to raise money for the victims of the recent tornado in Nashville, TN was the very next weekend.  Delivery on time was crucial!

As I started calling suppliers, they told me 2 to 3 weeks at the earliest. But I didn’t stop there. I searched for a company local to the area she wanted it shipped to but found none. Even that didn’t stop me. I searched the surrounding states to find a supplier within driving distance. Then finally, I found a supplier who specialized in expedited shipments.

After speaking directly with them, they confirmed they could, in fact, produce the high volume and deliver on time, as long as the order was place by 2pm Central time that day. Not only that, but they offered FREE shipping and FREE rush orders!

With a few calls back and forth with my colleague, payment was made and the order was placed with the supplier.  My job wasn’t finished yet. I still needed to ensure my payment made it to the supplier to start production. 

What made this extraordinary was that my wife and I were in Italy at the time this transaction took place.  Even with the time difference, this order was created, paid, and pushed to production to meet the tight timeline.

Do I share all this to brag about how much hand holding I provide? No, it’s not about me. I share this to let you know I will go to any lengths to ensure your order is delivered on time.

If you ever face a challenge, call me 949-274-9965.

I just might be the solution to your challenge. Like I was for my colleague.

Personalized, attention to detail, exceptional follow up and stellar customer service are core to the service I provide my clients.