Shit Happens - Relationships

  • Nov 16, 2019

In most industries that I have worked in, we had a saying, “shit happens”. 


That’s life and there’s not much you can do about it.  But you can choose your friends and business associates wisely.  It’s easy to have a great positive relationship with someone and do business with them as long as everything is going well, but when “shit happens”, that’s when the true character and morals shows in your partner.


When I say “partner” I’m referring to everyone you do business with.  “Partner” could be your actual business partner but I’m thinking more about your suppliers and the people that you do your day to day business with.   


I don’t look for the “best” price when I buy something or the supplier that beats out all the competition on every deal.  It’s OK with me, and I actually want them to make a “fair” profit so they can stay in business and when “shit happens” they can tell me, “I’ll take care of it”. 


I believe that in the long run it is better to establish a good win-win” relationship with quality people or organizations that last a long time.  There are considerable costs in establishing relationships and it is best to find a good partner and stay with them.


Best wishes,

Bob Meyer

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