Time To Put Your Thinking Cap On

  • Apr 10, 2020

Dear Business Owners,

It is time to Stop Reacting to what the coronavirus has done to your business and time to PUT YOUR THINKING CAP ON.

We will soon start the process of “getting back to normal”.  You better make your plans now so you are ready.  Getting back to normal will not be like flipping the light switch on, it will happen in steps.  Nobody knows for sure what the steps will look like and each business is different, that is why you should think it out NOW.  You need to prepare for your recovery process 1 month in advance.

I think the “getting back to normal” process will be dictated by local government, so keep up to date with what your city, county and state government is doing.  They will most likely monitor the healthiness of your community and start letting people out as they think it is safe.

·        First going out in small groups and back to work.

·        Probably wearing mask when you are out

·        Then open up travel and gathering in small groups

I think we will start to see some of this in June and the speed that we progress through these steps will depend on how many of us get sick as a result of the “getting back to normal” effort.

These are the worst of times, but there are opportunities even in the worst of times.  I wish you luck in your “bounce back efforts”.  Let me know if we can help.  We are happy to offer as many free 1 hour consulting phone sessions as we can. 

Keep fighting, stay strong, best wishes,

Bob Meyer