Why You Should Consider Direct Mail for Your Business

  • Mar 23, 2020

You might be tempted to think that no one reads physical mail any more. But you’d be wrong!

Direct mail is far from dead. In fact, it is seemingly making a strong come back. 

Direct mail has a median ROI of 29%. That might not sound very high but that’s higher than with paid search.

The younger generation actually enjoys receiving physical mail because their email inboxes are flooded with messages.

However, the first hurdle you need to clear is getting your piece of mail opened.

There are several recommendations to improve your odds.

Use Handwriting

It’s a fact that people will read a handwritten envelope they receive in the mail. Why? It might be because they believe it’s from someone they know. It might be because someone took the time to handwrite the address. 

You can increase the effectiveness by also including a small handwritten message on the back of the envelope.


Using a Different Type of Stamp

This may sound strange but it works.  Choose an oversized stamp to draw attention. Avoid running your envelopes through the meter machine at all costs.

Change Up the Envelope

The goal is to get your direct mail piece noticed. So, don’t use a regular sized envelope. Try using a smaller or even a larger than usual sized envelope.

Paper Matters

Spend a few extra cents on higher quality stationery. Think wedding invitation quality.  It helps you stand out. People are less likely to chuck it in the trash bin without looking at first.

A Little Extra

Try using a golden seal sticker for the back of the envelope coupled with a handwritten note. Or you might try melted wax with an initial stamped into it. Anything that makes the envelope look higher quality and took great care to send, will help your piece get opened.

Add a Giveaway

Consider including something besides the letter. Maybe a letter opener or a micro-fiber clothe, or even a coin. Look for something that makes the envelope feel “lumpy” as that gets people curious enough to open it.

Using as many of these recommendations as possible will ensure your direct mail piece will reach your intended audience.  To get started, check out these promotional items for your next direct mail piece.